Monday, August 11, 2008


I know that this is a term reserved for group stationary bike pedaling done at health clubs. In the alternative, people talk of their thoughts running amuck, pounding an idea to death or working themselves into a tizzy over one thing or another. In the dictionary, the primary entry for spinning is about a method of fishing. Funny, I thought it would be about yarn and wheels.

For me, the association is a pleasant one right now. Spinning through old routines, one following another, in a seamless progression of hours.

As it happens, many of those hours were spent on the seat of a bike on Sunday, as we made our way around our favorite bike loops on the most brilliantly sunny day of the year. The breeze was cool, so that the feeling was almost of being on a lake. Except that the views along the bike path (unlike from the middle of a lake) were ever changing as we flew, spinning down hills of prairie, past fields of gold.

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