Friday, August 31, 2018

end of Chicago days, end of August, end of summer

Suitcase packed, apartment locked. One fond look at the rumbling "L" train just a stone's throw from my windows and I'm off to be with Primrose. I wont be coming back -- from her home, I'll go straight to the train, then the bus, then home. Farmhouse home.

But this morning, I'm walking Chicago streets again. With the murals that send those good messages...


I'm out there with the early dog walkers. Before the morning rush of people sprinting to work.


It's a good, calm way to start one's day.

Hello, Primrose!


(Still enjoying her watermelon...)


(And still seemingly enjoying our selfie play...)


When she naps, I eat breakfast. That's our routine.


(And so is a morning change of wardrobe!)


But midday is a little different. Snowdrop's mom takes a work break to have lunch with us. Yes!


The three of us join in on today's adventure and that makes the littlest one (and the oldest one!) bouncy with delight.


We eat at Hot Chocolate. Primrose insists that she wants to be in on the conversation. She has a wide vocal range. We try to keep up with her.



A quick side step to Jeni's ice cream shop and now we're back to our play. Just Primrose and me -- sweet sweet child that I know so well at this second, even as I know tomorrow she may have moved on to bigger and better things. Never assume that you know your little ones inside out. Their goal in life is to surprise you. Every day.

As I ride the late late bus home, I very much feel like I'm in the last hours of my crazy summer of everything. Tomorrow, I'll wake up to September -- the beginning of something entirely different. Or at least refreshed and wiped to a new shine. Oh, but the summer's sweet memories linger. All those blooming flowers, all those smiling children...