Wednesday, September 05, 2007

the last one

That’s it. Storms tomorrow will push this bubble of hot bliss out of reach until next year. The temperature outside or inside a room is not something I ever even thought much about forty years ago. How could that be? I lived in Poland, damn it. Wasn’t I ever cold?

There is cold and there is cold. Crank up the (Warsaw) radiators and the internal space becomes toasty pleasant. None of this forced air stuff, or thermostats that become a battleground for people who cannot agree on what’s comfortable in life. Did you notice that cool trumps comfortable most every time?

Outside? I can handle outside cold, so long as we’re not all sitting huddled over a mug of cocoa, in five layers of sweaters afterwards.

I mind Wisconsin’s weather less than I mind her residents’ fixation on keeping the interiors cool in the winter and frigid in the summer.

Oh, but why am I even writing of this… Today, we hit the nineties and I am over the top happy. As was she, the student outside my office window. Only notice the telltale signs. It’s fall alright. Pushing in on summer.

007 brown leaves, copy