Saturday, February 23, 2013

turning the corner

With the temperatures at freezing, I consider this to be the beginning of winter's end. And that just puts a jolly spin on things.

Jolly enough to get me to the early morning yoga class.

Jolly enough to eat (break out from the routine!) a granola breakfast with Ed (who breaks out of his same old and joins me in the granola madness).

DSC00073 - Version 2

People down south may wonder what all the fuss is about: 32 degrees and I'm cheerful? It reminds me of the scene in Silver Linings where the judges score a dance... oh, I can't give that away! just go see the movie and you'll understand.

It's all relative.

DSC00082 - Version 2

In the ten day forecast for my home town, only two days show highs that don't have a "3" as a first digit and those are the two days when I wont be here!

Could it mean that winter is fizzing away? Like the last bubbles of a Cava that you let stand opened overnight? A little there, but no longer very assertive?

Thinking that this may be the last possible day (or at least weekend) of skiing, we go out to our nearby trails for a good hour spin through the familiar paths.

The day is lovely! Just cold enough to keep the snow more or less in place (and to keep the ice fishermen happy)...

DSC00088 - Version 2

...but also warm enough to open up the jacket and let the scarf fly!

DSC00100 - Version 2

 I leave you with this thought: winter may be over and done with.