Tuesday, February 13, 2018

to the point

Somehow the evening ran away from me. Something to do with a lost package, a complicated chili and a funky furnace -- all inconsequential and eventually resolved, but certainly standing in the way of a contemplative evening of writing.

So a quickie post!

First, early, oh so early, I venture out to rescue the cheepers yet again. You have to stop these daily expeditions to the garage. You haven't the stamina or winter smarts for them!

farmette life (4 of 17).jpg

I herd them back to the barn.

farmette life (8 of 17).jpg

Breakfast. We're waiting for the sunshine. It will come, but a tad later than expected.

farmette life (11 of 17).jpg

We ski in our county park. Note that promise of blue skies (and do you see the Capitol on the horizon?)

farmette life (12 of 17).jpg

Lovely, familiar landscape...

farmette life (15 of 17).jpg

... with a touch of red.

farmette life (16 of 17).jpg

And now I bring Snowdrop home to the farmhouse. Yep, no jacket. No mitts. No cap or scarf. That's our girl! (But just so you know, we're hitting a heat wave! We reach near freezing today!)

farmette life (3 of 32).jpg

After a run at the usual: read, play, read, eat, read -- she wants to engage Ed in a game of school. Unfortunately, he is on the phone, sequestered in the sun room. She is loud. I think she must be making his conversation (which concerns getting a new part for our old-er furnace) difficult. So I break down and bribe her. I offer her the gift I'd been saving for tomorrow, Valentine's Day: a pack of glitter pens.

farmette life (17 of 32).jpg

To say that she loves them is an understatement. (Though she does repeat -- I loooove the pink and the purple and the red... A rainbow of glitter colors.)

farmette life (20 of 32).jpg

Eventually she passes a "school snack" to Ed...

farmette life (24 of 32).jpg

... and he rejoins us for a spirited game of "grandpa climbs the ladder."

farmette life (7 of 11).jpg

It's a beautiful day, it really is. Inside and out.