Monday, April 25, 2011

the home sretch

Because so many paint cans, saw horses, ladders, etc. remain in the front room of the farmhouse, I think we still have a lot to finish there. But today, two things happened:

First, Andy’s grandson attacked the foyer floor (which means that we cannot go in and out of the house in the way that we typically do for the next two days – an interesting issue, but solved easily enough by putting a step ladder to the other door). The foyer is the last of the big projects here for the crew.

Secondly, Andy showed up. He has been laid up, recovering from a medical procedure, but he is a guy who does not slow down and he is back on the job far in advance on when we anticipated. He hasn’t seen the house since I moved in and I have to think that he is taking some pleasure in seeing how together it really is. I had wondered if this is his last big job before retiring, but he tells me that it’s not. He wont retire. Loves his work too much. Yes, I can tell.

But let me explain why Andy’s appearance is relevant to the nearing end of our reconstruction. I want to hand him the list of things that I think need his attention and it strikes me that the list is very very short. So, this is the finale: within a week or so, Andy and his grandsons will no longer be part of the farmhouse team. It’ll be just Ed and me. (Gulp)

The sun is brilliant today. Warm? Well, enough for students to strip down to sandals, or bare feet.


Down the hill, they purchase food at the carts and find places to eat.

DSC06776 - Version 2

Me, I still have a jacket on. But I walk with an energetic bounce. Good weather changes things.


I am back at the farmhouse, climbing up the ladder that we'll use to get to the non-entrance door.


Inside, things are looking good. But you can’t rest yet. Ed is waiting for me. We need to drive down to Menards. Grout, plugs, switches – still on the to do list.

It’ll be Subway subs for dinner. No time to cook tonight.