Wednesday, September 23, 2015

quiet Wednesday

I love days that are packed with all that you could possibly squeeze in. But honestly, interspersed among those, I love days that are quiet. No flood pf photos. No ambitious projects. No stunning weather report (just a very good one!), no great food to parade before you.

Just quiet.


farmette life-1.jpg

Appreciating what remains in bloom in the garden and this includes my beloved annuals, such as the honey-fragrant alyssum, which the cheepers love to munch on in early spring, but ignore now that there's so much else to turn to.

farmette life-4.jpg

Eventually, I'm at Snowdrop's home, where, too, we keep it down to a quiet repetition of things she knows and loves (no real cheepers to admire today -- just pictures of them in story books).

farmette life-6.jpg

Is it a serious day? No, not exactly that. Just calm.

farmette life-8-2.jpg

(I have to smile when she admires the mirror image of herself, if only for a second: it's much more fun to pick up the piece of fabric and chomp on it.)

farmette life-7-2.jpg

Two more photos -- of our walk around the little lake. I want to highlight the loveliness of the shoreline...

farmette life-13-2.jpg

... and of course, there's the smiley girl herself.

farmette life-15.jpg

The evening is quiet too, though I am stuck on the phone arguing with airlines about travel configurations, but it's okay. The thing about quiet days is that they make you perfectly ready to manage less quiet negotiations.