Sunday, October 20, 2019

Sunday, family Sunday

I'll start with the summary: it was a beautiful day. Sublime. Unreal in its magic.

It is, however, late now. Very late.

Still, such a beautiful day! Let me at least post some photos. They'll help me remember. As if I wouldn't otherwise!

Photos. In three chapters.
1. Farmhouse Morning

Primrose is up! I come in from cat feeding, we sit down to a prebreakfast breakfast. The day is off to such a good start!

farmette life-2.jpg

The two young families are here for brunch.  Three young cousins, together.

farmette life-19.jpg

So much to smile about, but nothing makes me happier than this: serving a good meal to all these people... listening to them around the table... Getting up to add this or the other thing to the meal...

This is the proper moment to tell everyone that October 20 is special for us: Ed and I plunged into what it is that we have now 14 years ago on this day. Later, I found out that it's also his birthday. Not that he takes note of the date. But I do and in the end, in a shy way, so does he.

farmette life-46.jpg

Happy Birthday, happy anniversary, and yes, I'll put away the camera in a minute.

farmette life-52.jpg

Kids get up, kids find comfy laps. Grown ups like to linger. Little ones think lingering is for the birds.

farmette life-63.jpg

I suggest drawing. Each child is engaged in this activity in a different way. Sparrow is content to use crayons, Primrose wants to move on to markers, and Snowdrop is lost in a creation of her own...

farmette life-83.jpg

Outside, the sun comes out. Isn't this a fine day to go out for a farmette walk??

farmette life-88.jpg


farmette life-94.jpg

The two families that make my heart sing...

farmette life-102.jpg

Snowdrop suggests -- lets sit in the shade of this tree. We do.

farmette life-121.jpg

I love this next photo from our farmette explorations. Taken in by the beauty of the moment, we linger. For a long while.

farmette life-128.jpg

2. Do you want to go for a walk?

The young families scoot off.  Ed asks if I want to go to the county park. We've taken hundreds of walks together. It's our specialty! Selfie at the farmette first.

farmette life-135.jpg

So much gold, just around a couple of corners from us.

farmette life-145.jpg

Forest walk: we haven't really savored the autumnal forest this year!

farmette life-154.jpg

Sandhills. Two. In love.

farmette life-160.jpg

3. Happy day to you...

In the evening, we have a reduced crowd for dinner. 

farmette life-161.jpg

When I mention Ed's birthday once more, Snowdrop asks to be excused, rushes to the drawing table, and produces a card. Which has to be wrapped of course.

You are good at fixing things, so I drew lots of hammers. And a chocolate cake!

farmette life-179.jpg

She draws a second card. For the anniversary, even as it's hard to explain to a child what exactly happened fourteen years ago.

Or is it?

Ed would not have liked a celebration planned by me, or anyone else. Except if it's orchestrated by one of the kids.  It's okay then... More than okay.

farmette life-187.jpg

Good night! With love...