Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Snowdrop has a book titled "Waiting." It's really a nonstory. It reads almost like a poem, meandering between scenes of ... waiting. I'm somewhat surprised that  the little girl likes it so much. Toys, on a windowsill, waiting.

I thought of that book countless times today.

It was a day of waiting. Suspended between weather systems, there is nothing to be done outside. Snow the last two days, a tiny warm up today, more snow tomorrow. Then, too, it is a day where Snowdrop has afternoon engagements and so I am not spending my usual afternoon with her. Ed laughs that I am at loose ends. Perhaps.

After breakfast...

farmette life-2.jpg

I search the internet for a well regarded inexpensive double stroller. Ed helps by looking through used options. Nothing is good. And it doesn't really matter: there is no hurry, I can wait.

Since I have a free day, I take care of something that I absolutely have to do this week -- renew my expiring driver's license. We know how this works: you go to the DMV much as you go to the SSI: pick a number and wait. Seemingly forever.

But I'm surprised: I fill out a form online, I schedule my arrival, I show up and have that photo snapped, vision tested and boom! Five minutes later I'm out of there!

Good. If I'm to wait, twiddle thumbs, meditatively stare at the beautiful sky, with wisps of sun touching the ribbons of melting snow, it's more satisfying to do it at the farmette.

farmette life-4.jpg

I think we should walk. This from Ed, who perhaps thinks I've spent too much time today looking at ribbons of melting snow and double strollers online.
Too muddy!
How about along the lakefront road? By Lake Waubesa?

It's a great place to meander on a cool but sunny April afternoon. The birds are loud, the ducks are plentiful.

farmette life-9.jpg

And the sandhill cranes complain about the spring that will not come.

(Sandhill courtship...)

farmette life-12.jpg

(Duck courtship...)

farmette life-15.jpg

At the farmette, the cat came back. Is it that cat? Is it someone's pet? A feral? We can't tell. But he was hungry and we fed him, trying very hard to chase Peach and Java away while he sampled chicken meat!

farmette life-16.jpg

farmette life-20.jpg

Tomorrow there'll be more snow. Then we'll wait again -- but maybe, after that, we need wait no more.