Saturday, April 29, 2017

Saturday visits, celebrations and other happy moments

A weekend of picture postcards!

Not so much outdoor ones -- it's so cold today! (Low 40sF or just upwards of 5C) But plenty of family ones. We're continuing birthday celebrations, but that's just a very small excuse to get together now.

A quick look out, to make sure it's not raining (it's not, so that's good)...

farmette life-1.jpg


farmette life-2.jpg

And then off to the farmers market, where there aren't the usual crowds, for good reason! It's cold!

farmette life-10.jpg

Snowdrop is thrilled to have her aunt and uncle join us this week. Up from Chicago, they entertain her constantly and joyously.

Many pairs of eyes to watch her! She is one content little girl.

farmette life-16.jpg

(Lots of morels for sale this week. Not many takers. Expensive!)

farmette life-14.jpg

My very best daughters...

farmette life-17.jpg

A selfie...

farmette life-19.jpg

Brunch, at Heritage Tavern. The little one is delighted to be included!

farmette life-20.jpg

The three women...

farmette life-24.jpg

She loves bacon!

farmette life-28.jpg

Fixing her aunt's hair...

farmette life-35.jpg

Back at the young family's house...

farmette life-37.jpg

We all settle in to draw.

farmette life-4-2.jpg

Evening. We go out for a birthday dinner at La Kitchenette. I have just two photos for you: one, of my son in law, sitting right across from me, amidst all the glassware of a dinner out...

farmette life-1-3.jpg

... and the second, of the restaurant staff bringing out the pistachio and strawberry birthday tart. Because it is my birthday. Well, it was my birthday...

farmette life-3-3.jpg

And outside, the wind howls and the rain comes down and we shrug our shoulders and look ahead to the beauty of the next week and the week after.