Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Chicago days

I step outside, ready to do a quick 20 minute hike over to the youngest family's home. Oh my, but it's dark outside. A rumble of thunder confirms my suspicion that we're in for a storm. Should I Uber over? I can't be late or they will be late!

(The street where I live, looking toward the downtown)


I cross my fingers and set out, walking very very briskly.

Phew, dodged that bullet!

So many of our storms this year seemed to come out of nowhere. And others never materialized. It's as if there's a great disturbance up there in the skies and you just can't tell when it'll peek to a rousing crescendo or release anger with torrents of rain.

If I've been spared a big one so far here, in Chicago, Madison has not been so lucky. Ed helped with piling sand bags yesterday, but the rains continue and the flooding is serious.

Breakfast, with lights on against a dark sky outside.


Primrose is ready for an adventure, but I'm a little apprehensive. I do not want to be caught out in a storm. Let's play here for a while -- I tell her.


(Pause for necessary wardrobe adjustment...)


The sun is out! Let's go!


Our walk is long. I don't know why Primrose enjoys these neighborhood hikes, but she does -- chewing, watching, grinning away as she locks in my gaze and listens to whatever absurd song I may be singing for her.


We poke around a few shops and then settle in at Milk and Honey Cafe for a quick lunch. I eat a cold beet and lemon soup (makes your mouth pucker!) while she nibbles on a slice of watermelon. My grandchildren are watermelon babies this summer! (No, of course it's not real.)


Evening. A very special one! The Madison young family came to town! Big cousin, littlest cousin here to spend a tiny bit of time with Primrose and me.


(hey you!)




(hey you.)


The youngest parents finish their work day and meet us for a munch and a drink at the Publican Anker. I do so love the occasions where we can all be together!


(Ice cream treat: at Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream, of course. Snowdrop and I make up a special song for the occasion!)


Night. In my little apartment over the L train station, I think about how quiet it is now. It took my less than an hour to get used to the train sound. Now I don't even pay attention to it. If you asked me if there was an interruption in the movement of the trains (they typically run every six or seven minutes in each direction) I'd have to admit that I don't know. We really are quite capable of getting used to the strangest things in life!

The moon is hidden. Storm clouds have moved in. Dull roar, loud crash, then silence once more.

We live in such stormy times! But in our little corner, all is blissfully calm tonight. Good night, good night, sleep tight.... and even tighter than that!