Wednesday, August 05, 2015


I am up early. This day offers the greatest number of unbooked hours before I take off next week and I want to put them to good use. It's a beautiful morning and I intend to finish preparing the expanded day lily patch and to put in a few transplants and the new acquisitions.

I work for nearly six hours, with only one break -- for breakfast of course.

farmette life-6.jpg

In the flower field, the hens keep me company, but mostly, I work without paying attention to anything or anyone. Ed is off at work. The farmette is still.

 As the clock moves past the noon hour and I start tidying up the flower bed...

farmette life-8.jpg

... and I turn my attention to the rest of the day. I'm to be at Snowdrop's house in a few minutes and I'll be there until early evening.

I realize then that there is no food for dinner. Ed bikes tonight and he rarely is hungry for a meal after his ride (strenuous exercise does not seem to work his appetite much). But what about me? Oh, but this is the farmette. We have tomatoes. We have cucumbers. And just down the road, there is this farm with very sweet and tasty corn, on sale out of their barn all August long.

farmette life-12.jpg

Okay. I have the basics. Now off to play with Snowdrop.

She is, today, buoyant, chipper and so totally happy!

farmette life-21.jpg

We go out for a walk, too, with her mommy.

farmette life-24.jpg

Such a beautiful day!

farmette life-25.jpg

More play -- which includes, these days, Snowdrop and me shouting monosyllables at each other, imitating the noise the other made. This back and forth can go on for a long time and I can only be thankful that the windows are closed and the AC is on, because the noise we make sounds a bit whacky.

farmette life-32.jpg

Snowdrop is at this point in that wonderful set of years where one doesn't care what the world thinks.

farmette life-28.jpg

And in any case, her world is a small one. If a familiar face is smiling at her, she is reassured.

Evening. I'm back at the farmette. Is there ever a better time here then on a summer day, just before the sun goes down? I trim random flowers, I pick my veggies for supper.

The day is done. So much accomplished out in the flower fields! So much still that could be done.