Saturday, March 05, 2011

window work

The post is going to be about the farmhouse. So scurry off if you’ve had it with the reconstruction theme.

The morning rounds: Menards, Home Depot, farmhouse. Light fixtures. More light fixtures. Change of heart on the kitchen track. Dimmers. Ed is willing to install dinners. But dimmers don’t necessarily work with CF lights.It's all beginning to spin.

Noon. Finally. At the farmhouse. I start my work. Sand, clean, condition, stain. (Polyurethane tomorrow.)

DSC05862 - Version 2

The stain is blotchy. The conditioner was to keep it even, but it isn’t even. Sigh...

One window frame at a time. No pause, no interruptions. It takes more than an hour for each.

Five windows done. Should I stop? The sun is setting now. I can see it through the plastic coated (still from the lumbermill) glass.

DSC05865 - Version 2

I persevere. I can’t really see what I’m doing anymore. I walk away from a window only to retrace my steps. Did I really do the sill? It seems oddly pale. Let me redo it.

And now it’s dark. Ed has soldered basement posts and reconfigured two air vents. He retreats to his shed, but I’m still at it. The second bedroom has a single bulb in the ceiling and I work to its light. I’m not even sure if I’m thorough or precise, I just want to finish staining the upstairs frames.

I’m done.

There are a million stars out tonight. It’s cold again, yes, there’s that, but it is a bright and beautiful night.

We get in Ed’s little Geo and head out to Braserrie V for moulles frites.