Sunday, April 18, 2010


It’s inevitable. These are work-around-the-clock days for me. With two weeks of classes left and an exam season just after (spurring many student emails and pleas for extra office time), there is no downtime on the ten day horizon.

I’ll say this: I am not the only one with a plate full for the rest of the month. As I pull out a chair to do my work outdoors at Ed’s farmette (it’s nippy, but I cannot say no to the gorgeous sky), I look up to see Ed heave truckloads of wood chips into strategic places, and I watch the Hmong farmers who work the land to the south and to the east for their market crops.



And I think – I’m with you in spirit! My work is less back-breaking, sure, but I’m with you now! April is one hell of a busy time, but soon, we'll all reap the rewards -- the money will come in for the farmers, Ed’s wood chips miraculously will beget a hardier crop, and my own tasks will come to a recess point, at which time I will sit back and do absolutely nothing for perhaps two or three hours, without interruption.

Or, in the alternative, I'll retrieve unfinished projects. To be continued. Maybe in the writer’s shed.