Wednesday, November 28, 2012

long day's journey

This morning, as I was scrambling to attend to the last detail -- the printing of lecture notes -- I said, not too quietly, I am so, so late! Ed noted that I have said the exact same words every day this week (and in weeks prior). And I retorted, as I usually do -- well, you don't have to ever worry about being late, but I do! It's not entirely accurate, but it has great impact value, I think.

We did have our breakfast, but that, too, was late. So we took it to the front (enclosed) porch, rather than staying in our usual breakfast nook.

DSC06447 - Version 2

It was a beastly cold morning, but I could not, would not see myself for the second day in a row in the car, so I revved up Rosie and away we flew. (But it was cold!)

After classes, there were meetings and after meetings there was the email -- you have to appreciate how computers have changed our lives: they make sure that our work day never ends. Ever.

I had an errand to do on State Street and so my photos for today will be from the quick run down the street that links our campus with the capitol.


...just before the sun set and the day turned dark and cold.

DSC06449 - Version 2

(The dark and cold part set in on the Rosie ride home.)


Reheated dinner, reheated evening, waves of warm air inside the farmhouse, moments of peace before the pace picks up again tomorrow.