Sunday, February 08, 2015


Late last night, little Snowdrop hung out at the farmhouse while the young people went out for a bit to hang out together. Isie boy was here as well and I went to some lengths to get him to not be so shy around the little one.


Let's just say he's making progress.

And now comes Sunday: I admit it, I love these family Sundays with all my might! I love getting up early and ticking off in my mind what has to go into the oven when, so that all will be ready when daughters and their families (yes families!) are finally gathered in the kitchen.


There is always a touch of urgency: it's now or not for a while! The Minneapolis couple have to drive their five hours back home and knowing that, we are flush with stories, because sharing them is suddenly precious.

As always, I make a frittata. This time it's mushroom and spinach. Along with roasted herbed potatoes and bacon and of course -- the black and white cake.


Were it summer, we'd be on the porch. But is it any less delightful in the kitchen?

(two sisters, as close as they come)

Little Snowdrop has options: she can snuggle in a lap...


...or, if she is feeling active, she can play or, better yet -- listen to what she loves so very much: music. [Current prediction: she will be a musician, successful or otherwise. Nothing calms her, perks her, soothes her, interests her as much as the sound of song. Words floating around the kitchen table: Snowdrop, you need to have a back up plan! Maybe penguin colony preservation?]


And so this is our Sunday. Last minute fussing about Snowdrop's strength and sweet demeanor...


...while a happy grandma looks on and makes sure everyone has eaten enough and packed a slice of cake to take home.

There is a tinge of sadness that hits when the house empties. Still, I'm tired enough (two late nights of Snowdrop sitting and two early mornings of Isie boy's plaintive call for food or petting or both) that I welcome the suggestion of a nap. But in the end, instead of napping, Ed and I look at more car ads. Why? Well, a funny thing happened this week: I went from dreaming of a nifty small car that would basically take me from point A to B, to being convinced that I need something bigger and preferably with four doors. Getting Snowdrop in and out of our car was ridiculously difficult. I join the legions of automobile seekers who think that smaller is great, unless you have little ones.

In the end, we find a fine car -- a 09 Toyota Corolla. Despite the horrible weather (freezing rain), we head out to test drive it. And it's beautiful! This is as new a car as I have yet to consider. I'm satisfied!

Or am I? I offer my top price (somewhere between 5k and 6k). He wont budge. I leave.

Did I mention how much I dislike the enormous effort required in purchasing a used car?

For supper, I broil salmon with shallots and cook string beans. I try not to think about cars. I float back instead to this most perfect Sunday morning, when the record player played the childhood tunes and all felt right with the world.