Friday, June 01, 2018


Markers of the progression of time: the year is full of them! Many of my significant ones are in the garden. For example, there is this moment when all the flowers in this one small group of the Big Bed bloom together. Each year when this happens, I think -- we are in the thick of another year of flowers! And it is beautiful!

farmette life-1.jpg

I should say that in early June, the garden is in transition. This is when the annuals in the tub do their job so well -- they blend with the perennial beds, creating a continuous ribbon of color,  Here are two such spots:

farmette life-3.jpg

farmette life-7.jpg

Breakfast. Earlier than usual. On the porch.

farmette life-8.jpg

I have three important things to attend to on this day and each is a significant milestone:

First, I secure the final details of the move date for my mom (it will be in the first half of July). I should note that she is no stranger to Madison having lived here during the earlier years of my daughters' lives. But, she's been away from this place (and from winter!) for nearly twenty years, so the change for her will be huge.

Secondly, I attend the end of year musical event in Snowdrop's class. I have to admit that these end of school year performances have always been totally lovely for me. All I see is how much my child or grandchild has grown, how much they have taken with them, but, too, how much they have contributed to the classroom community.  Can anyone doubt that among Snowdrop's many gifts is her ability to bring a smile to a face?

farmette life-23.jpg

Snowdrop's school year doesn't end until next week, but today felt like an ending for sure. A happy one, with the anticipation of more adventures, growing friendships and wonderful stories in the year ahead.

farmette life-27.jpg

And now thirdly, but not less importantly, I move quickly from Snowdrop's classroom to the park-and-ride, where I catch the bus to Chicago.

I have a chance to visit with the other great grinner in the family -- Primrose.

(mother and daughter, smiling at each other)


I note the little one's own milestones: she now has her very own favorite page in a book: a picture of a cow (of all things).


She is bookish alright! One story about babies, one about sheep, another about an owl -- all hold her attention.


And another milestone for me, for her: I am entrusted with her care while her parents go out for a first evening without a child dangling from the ergocarrier, or snoozing in the stroller.

Primrose's dad grabs a bite on the run, the little girl smacks her lips, but understands that such delicacies as a french fry are for an older set.


(I have a hunch that mom will find it strange to be out on a date without the babe nearby.)


Of course, the parents have orchestrated things beautifully: Primrose is fed, swaddled, lulled to sleep. They leave.

Within ten seconds of their departure, Primrose is up and asking "where are my parents??" Well, she's not really racing up and down the room, and she's not articulating much of anything yet, and secretly  I'm kind of glad she has her small outburst, because otherwise I'd feel my big milestone baby sitting job would have been pretty unimpressive. As it is, I "expertly" lull her back to sleep. Between you and me, a child could have done it. Primrose (thus far) is a good sleeper.