Sunday, October 02, 2011


When you live in the country, it becomes less important to look for occasions to ...head out to the country. Last fall, I was eager to drive out with Ed most every week-end when the sun was out. This year, we have to nudge ourselves to move beyond the perimeters of our usual orbit.

Today, we nudged ourselves. We drove out to Governor Dodge State Park (45 minutes southwest from the farmette). There, we had in mind to do the trail (the horse trail) that skirts the edge of the entire park. It’s 15.3 miles. We thought we could do it in five hours. Easily!

DSC08906 - Version 2

Not so. The hills slowed us down and so it was 7.5 hours before we finally, FINALLY hit the home stretch (with a twenty minute pause for a pb&j lunch and a five minute snooze stop: Ed snoozed right in the middle of the trail as I took a call from a daughter).


Here’s the thing to remember: when you take a walk on a brilliant autumn day in Wisconsin, no photo is going to be as good as the real thing.

DSC08930 - Version 2

Still, here’s a sample. A little one. I’m too tired to do more for you tonight.




DSC08971 - Version 2