Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Now’s the time to reflect. The bursting at the seams with work weeks are rapidly coming to a close and though work will continue to dominate the waking hours for months on end, at least it’ll stop keeping me awake at nights.

Fall is slowly receding. Indeed, I think we’re in that period of overlap where it’s no longer fall...

(on my way to work)

...and not yet winter.


Call it fa’nter.

So I have emerging pockets of time. Early morning time, evening time – time to reflect. And I reflect best when I am on the move. For example biking.

But is biking compatible with fa’nter?

I tested it today. First, I thought about riding Rosie. But when I left the farmette, the official temperature was hovering near freezing and the wind was brutal.

I don’t like being cold. Zipping around on a motorbike would be cold.

Riding a bike is different. You work hard and you move with less speed. I put on a snug cap, bundle a scarf many times around my neck and set out on Mr. Red.

Whoaa! That is some gusty little wind! Straight in my face. The shortcut ride (of seven miles) stretches into a looooooooong ride. (An hour.)

Eyes tearing, cheeks burning, I push on, thinking -- this is crazy. It doesn't help to be mocked by holiday snowmen on the approach to the downtown.

DSC09613 - Version 2

Yeah, hi to you too!

In truth, I am immensely proud of my efforts, even though reflecting is not possible (for me) when I’m battling wind. I'm not like the black ducks (are they ducks?) on lake Monona. I don't have a coat of oil protecting my goose-bumpy skin.


My older girl is at the farmhouse for dinner tonight. I want to tell her about the ride in, but the topic does not present itself.