Sunday, September 15, 2013

this way, that way

I cannot tell you how much I have danced around endless ideas about how to go about my days in the year just before me! Is it that I am at an age where nothing aligns itself in a predictable way anymore and so your mind reels at all that you can do?

My family, Ed, my friends must be so tired of the emails, the calls -- guess what, I decided to... Fill in the blank there. It's been a steady stream of new and often short-lived ideas.

And so, once again, it's been a weekend of flips and of flops. Weather-wise as well. Saturday was a coolish but sunny day. Perfect for the market with my older girl.


She has a favorite flower vendor -- Mai -- and when I spoke with Mai's family at the stand, I found out that they grow their veggies and Mai's flowers just about a mile or two from where we live.

DSC00577 - Version 2

My daughter was having friends over and she asked to borrow some simple candle holders. I thought -- surely I can pick up something for her at the store! But no. Nothing was simple, cheap, straightforward. Ed asks -- why buy anyway, when you can make something for her? And he did. In a handful of minutes.  Here they are, made by him, from our old willow branches.


Predictably, the rest of the day was spent on work for me. And thinking through the what ifs that have plagued me all month long. And lunch on the porch -- the usual. Peanut butter, with Ed's peach jam.


This morning, I was so glad to wake up to rain. At least my field of operations is contained. And, I wont have to water the garden! Inevitably, after breakfast...


...there will be the hours of work. But, too, of scheming and thinking. It's just the way it is this season.