Wednesday, April 04, 2018

the power of the sun

We wake up to a snow covered landscape.

farmette life-2.jpg

You would think I'd be disappointed. It doesn't fit with my mental image of spring.

farmette life-11.jpg

But the truth is, it's kind of pretty out there. Oh, sure, the cheepers are not happy.

farmette life-4.jpg

And since they venture out before I sweep the snow away, Peach gets stuck...

farmette life-17.jpg

... definitely in need of a helping hand!

farmette life-21.jpg

But when the sun comes out, the snow begins to melt and it feels intensely spring like, even though it's actually hovering just below the freezing point.

farmette life-13.jpg

We're chugging along here, slowly but with determination. Onwards! Toward the warmer seasons!

At the farmhouse, the little chicks are growing fast. We laughed at the size of the feed back when we brought it home three weeks ago. We're not laughing anymore. It's nearly all gone!

We eat breakfast in the sun room and listen to their chirpy noises.

farmette life-26.jpg

And in the afternoon, Snowdrop is here. Sometime in the course of her school day she had put on her ballet shoes in anticipation of this afternoon's class. They stayed on.

farmette life.jpg

There is just enough time for a quick Snowdrop story...

farmette life-20.jpg

... and a lightening quick play...

farmette life-32.jpg

... and then it's time for class.

farmette life-41.jpg

They're enacting some butterfly story, but it hardly matters what the plot of it is. Wee little butterflies, moving this way and that -- it's enough to make you smile.

farmette life-56.jpg

And all the while I think how incredibly lucky I am (we are) that Snowdrop's parents let the little girl open herself up to the world of grandmas and Eds and any number of others who so love this child. In turn, it is so obvious that she lives in a rich world of people who care deeply about her. There isn't a doubt that she is made stronger by their presence in her everyday.