Saturday, February 16, 2013


Today I learned patience. I spent seven hours on a project that ultimately failed. I'd let you know what it was, but, in the spirit of forgetting failures and forging ahead with success, I'll let it go for now.

So tonight we watch a more than mildly depressing movie -- "the human resources manager" -- an Israeli film about... well, death and family and a little bit of Rumania thrown in (which, in this movie, reminds me of Poland twenty years ago).

And you'd think this would make for a dismal day. Well no.

There was early morning yoga.

And mid morning breakfast.

DSC09969 - Version 2

And much later, I stepped outside to see if the opossum had eaten the ginger cookies we'd left out for him.

He hadn't.

But there was a break in the clouds and even though it was cold, it felt very pre-spring.

DSC09972 - Version 2

So let's stay with that image. Of forming buds, of melting snows and of successful projects. To be here tomorrow. Or soon after.