Friday, February 22, 2013

good natured

It's not as if Ed enjoys being photographed. At some level, I'm not sure he fully understands why I bring the camera to the breakfast table every morning.

DSC00058 - Version 2

Or, if we're both outside, why I point it at him instead of... elsewhere.

DSC00044 - Version 2

But he doesn't object. He has a quiet and gentle disposition and he doesn't protest the inconsequential.

Today, since I worked at home, I felt especially that much of my off-work thoughts drifted toward our quirky curious (and in many ways so conventional) life together. And maybe this is because we are actually scheduled to go out on what you might call a date -- movie and a dinner (better value in that order). And so I thought about how rarely we do that and how mostly this is my fault: I've always loved cooking a meal in the evening with someone there in the background to whom I might make an occasional remark. It's such a good way to end a day! And so when asks -- do you want to go out? -- I almost always say no, thank you.

But one must step out of one's comfort zone occasionally and so I pick an Oscar nominee that has a high chance of appealing to me ('Silver Linings Playbook') and out we go.

(Later) And it could not have been a better night. True, I cry my way, loudly, uncontrollably through the last five minutes of the movie, but if you've seen it, you'll surely understand why. Dinner? We drive down to a Taste of India -- a small place with very typical very good very Tandoori Masala kind of cuisine...

DSC00063 - Version 2

So you see a lot of Ed in today's photos. It's not intentional. But it is as it really is.