Monday, February 06, 2012

Monday Monday

By now, any Ocean reader should know not to mess with me on Mondays (this semester). It’s a killer day, made all the more challenging because immediately after there comes Tuesday and Tuesday has a morning run of classes that requires work, even as on Monday, there is no time for that. The best that I can come up with is to come home Monday night, plunge into dinner prep...


...fall into exhaustion after the final clean up, recover sometime, say, around 2:30 am and use that magic middle of the night moment to prep for the morning class. If you have a better game plan, please advise, but keep in mind that I already am trying to work hard on Sunday to get things in good stead for the week ahead and yes, I know I could do frozen dinners on Monday but on tough days I especially want to eat well. Besides, I’d defrosted the shrimp. They had to be used.

Tomorrow is the “full snow moon.” Funny how that goes. Not much snow out today. That snowman on Bascom Hill? Gone.


Snow moon. No matter how inaccurate your name, you were beautifully bright as I drove home to the farmhouse tonight.