Thursday, March 15, 2018

getting used to the young ones

It's five in the morning. Dark and quiet.
I'm going to go check on the cheepers. He means the little girls, now waking up to their second day at the farmhouse.
I was just thinking of doing that, but I'm afraid they're not alright!
They're fine -- he shouts up from the sun room.

Ten minutes later I shout down: what are you doing?
Sitting and watching them.

And so we have two chairs pulled close to the little blue box where they now reside. We're too old to plop down willingly on the floor, but we think it's perfectly fine to sit in chairs for a long long while staring at baby chickens.

farmette life-5.jpg

I suppose it's that early brush with new life. You tend to stare at babies too when they first pop out. Count fingers, admire the crease in the little fist... Though in this case, we're more likely to laugh at a funny stretch of a chicken leg or comment on who is getting bigger faster (it appears to be the aptly named Cupcake who eats like there's no tomorrow).

farmette life-16.jpg

Breakfast, set in the sunny sun room.

farmette life.jpg

And then Ed rushes off to the Social Security Office. It is the month of Social Security drama for us. Yesterday he learned that someone had used hacked information (think Equifax breach) to try to apply for retirement and disability benefits as Ed. All straightened out now, but uff, what a pain!

In the afternoon, I interrupt my spotty writing and my constant chicken watching... (not you, girls! your little sisters!)

farmette life-9.jpg

... to pick up Snowdrop...

farmette life-27.jpg

... who then does her own happy baby chicken watching.

farmette life-39.jpg

I do lure her away for our time with Brambly Hedge on the orange couch...

farmette life-45.jpg

... and of course, necessarily, an animated story follows.

farmette life-63.jpg

farmette life-75.jpg

Snowdrop, it's time for us to go to your house.
Can I take my babies?

farmette life-91.jpg

(Ed hovers, showing off his newly purchased jacket from Farm and Fleet. Yes, it is exactly the same as his previous one, minus the tears.)

farmette life-94.jpg

Snowdrop's mommy has a little free time and so we schedule a brisk walk -- if only to take in these early moments of spring.

farmette life-96.jpg

We go to a lovely playground in their neighborhood. After many many minutes on the swing, Snowdrop heads for the sand play area. She tries to make the diggers work, but of course, the sand is still frozen.

farmette life-106.jpg

The fire engine, on the other hand, bounces along in any season.

farmette life-112.jpg

We walk along the nearby pond...

farmette life-119.jpg

... watching the ducks, the geese, noting the incredible blue of water and sky...

farmette life-121.jpg

At her house now, she settles in for a volume of Brambly Hedge. I admire the new sitting position: works well when mommy's growing tummy covers the lap area!

farmette life-125.jpg

And then I drive back to the farmette. Not dark yet, but surely beautiful now in the evening light. Almost there now... Here's the silo, a sandhill crane,  here's home.

farmette life-127.jpg

... with the three new babies. So very adorable, even when asleep.

farmette life-19.jpg