Tuesday, February 09, 2010


In the morning, I see the snow. It isn’t beautiful – not in the downward fall. It’s rather skimpy, even as I learn that it will be a significant accumulation. But it’s my big storm of the season (I was out of town the previous two) and fact is, you can’t count on there being a repeat performance. Not this year anyway.

Which leads me to say this:

We are fifty days away from the darkest point of the year. That means 100 of the dark days of the year are behind us.

Interesting, no?

And here’s another point – we are wheeling into the good season. And some of us begin wheeling even before the tire grips the road.


And that hope, that optimism is really inspiring. Or at the very least amusing.

I can’t say that I am there, counting the days ‘til March 20th (just four weeks away! That’s 28 days!) – the calendar Spring day that belongs to... well, mostly calendars (because my mother tells me that in California, it is now spring, and I can retort, were I into making retorts, that here, in Wisconsin, we may still be months away from daffodils). But I can say this much: things are looking good!