Wednesday, April 22, 2015

the next day

As Snowdrop plays with the intensity that is so part of her style, I'm looking outside the window in her home and thinking -- my those really are snowflakes out there! Oh, nothing that would stick. It is, after all in the mid forties F. Much better than the near freezing we had at daybreak. Snowdrop, your nickname seems very seasonal today!


Again we take a pass on working outdoors. Breakfast in the kitchen, both of us loving the oatmeal that, too, seems fitting for a day like this!


With the whirlwind of activities and travels, I've not caught up with the basics of life (for example, paper work) since before I left for England in mid March. This is the day for it. With a few solid peeks at the daffodils outside to remind myself of spring.


And of course, there is the afternoon with Snowdrop. She is right now leaping into new realms of physical adeptness. Huge push ups!

(I can fly! Sort of.)

(Hi, grandma!)

And tumbles!


And a more or less steady sit.


But more importantly, she is playful -- with or without guidance. And when she catches me watching, when she hears the sound of encouragement coming from me, she beams. And then I beam. And she beams some more. And chortles and goes back to mastering the next step of play (which, of course, is for her, hard work).


Who says you can't be energetic when you're housebound?!

Of course, eventually you do get tired...


Evening. I pull into the long gravel driveway of the farmette. Such daffodils there are!


At home, I look through my two new cookbooks (birthday gift) and, too, at the trail guide for a planned July adventure with Ed. A glass of kir vin blanc rests on the side. The good thing about spring is that not all days are beautiful. You don't have to work hard with a pitchfork and a shovel every single minute of the season.