Friday, February 09, 2018


They said -- "snow." We got snow.  Another half foot fell overnight. The pretty face of winter is with us now.

(I know you can't tell from this farmette photo that it's deeper. Trust me -- it's deeper.)

farmette life (2 of 55).jpg

A happy breakfast.

farmette life (4 of 55).jpg

Snowdrop's school is closed today. Not because of the snow -- it was one of those planned inservice closings. I offered to play with Snowdrop while parents put in some work hours.

I'm at her house once again and perhaps predictably, she begins with offering (play) food for her babes and for gaga. I love this pose and her facial expression here, because it completely reminds me of the way my grandma would stand and survey the table, wanting to make sure there was plenty for all of us.

farmette life (11 of 55).jpg

Play ice cream ends our meal.

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And of course, the great outdoors beckons! It is cold, but on the upside, it's warmer than the really cold days we've had this season. We attack the snow on the deck!

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Snowdrop loves most things about snow -- including its taste. I try to think if there's a reason to act alarmed as she stuffs fresh flakes into her mouth. Snowdrop, no, that's not a great idea! Yum! Oh, Snowdrop!

farmette life (43 of 55).jpg

We slap together a snowman of sorts, but it's not easy. It's just too cold and the snow is powdery. Even a snowball is a challenge. Here's our attempt at a snow palace. Snowdrop and her baby are enjoying a royal rest inside!

farmette life (46 of 55).jpg

A snack after snow play is important, delicious, satisfying, memorable. On this day it's pain au chocolat.

farmette life (52 of 55).jpg

And then I leave to continue with the usual Friday duties: make sure that the car has gas, and that the fridge has food for the week.

Home. The sun is out, the skies are blue. Shall we ski?

(Note that our snowman just grows and grows!)

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By the time we head out to our local county park, the shadows are beautifully long. We try the upper trails and find them to be completely untouched! We blaze pathways, spewing powder and filling our boots with snow...

farmette life (4 of 26).jpg

... all the way to Ed's favorite tree. Selfie!

farmette life (13 of 26).jpg

... then across the snow covered prairie to pick up the trail again.

farmette life (15 of 26).jpg

It would be hard to imagine a more beautiful day!