Friday, November 27, 2009

so yesterday

The turkey meal, the list of accompanying plates – talking about it today is like playing Auld Lang Syne on January 1st. We’re on Friday now. The day after. Shopping time. We don’t review the success of the side dishes from the turkey dinner the night before.

So here are the side dishes form the turkey dinner the night before. And the pumpkin dessert.



Oh, such a story in its own right! Thanksgiving dinner... I remember when, during the day, one daughter asked – shouldn’t we be putting the turkey in the oven? I answered – I’ve cooked this dinner enough times to know that it will all eventually come together. Without worry. Even though, in the midst of preparations, it may have appeared stressful.


Today felt very much like the day after the big blow out. We went for brunch down to Marigold. Closed. We went for dinner at the Old Fashioned. Closed. Wow... our town has a holiday hangover.

But not at the little shop on the corner. This was Black Friday – the day when every retailer is expected to break sound barriers in terms of sales.

And we did.

The day after was a fine day.