Sunday, November 23, 2014


The less said about a day where it rains nonstop from morning 'til night the better. Although my friend who is visiting with her husband and their dog, did point out that the noise of water dripping against some parapet or other is rather charming. That's a half full cup if ever I saw one!

We had breakfast together, all of us. They know the ropes. We eat like a team. Weird habit of mine -- can't leave people to their own morning devices!


And then, if you can believe it, I retreat into my world of rewriting as I had this exercise of reworking the "ten first pages" of my manuscript and the assignment needed to be completed by tonight.

(I do take a break to chat to my friends and, as well, to the cheepers who are delighted (initially, before it started raining) to find that the grown had thawed and they could trudge up to the farmhouse again without getting bits of snow on their yellow claws.)


So picture this: you are a couple, traveling hundreds of miles from sunny Florida, you arrive to a bleak November landscape where it rains and feels cold all at the same time, and then your host tells you "breakfast is being served" after which she loses herself behind a computer screen. Nice! Well, they're comfortable at the farmhouse. For this I am grateful.


I do come out of my cocoon to fix dinner for tonight -- a Sunday dinner that, as usual, includes my older girl and her husband.


Forgive this short post. What I do not want to do is spend even more time behind my computer as the rare and exquisite chance to be with the people who are here, now, at the farmhouse passes me by.