Thursday, April 15, 2010

perhaps I'm old fashioned...

...but as we continue with another unprecedented (this calendar year at least) sublime day of warm air and partly cloudy skies, I can’t help but wish that we all dressed in prettier summer fabrics.

The switch on campus to shorts (very short shorts for young women this year, it seems) is instantaneous. None of the pretty cottons that are showing up elsewhere in the country. We like denim.

And that’s a shame.

But that’s the extent of my complaining. It is splendid to be in Wisconsin today. Absolutely splendid.

The morning ride is for me, for the first time, outright warm.


And the ride back is extravagantly beautiful.


Gorgeous colors, don’t you think? Now, can we scrap the denim and see some skirts with maybe tulip prints on them? Or pansies? Or peonies?