Friday, August 01, 2014

cats and sails and flowers too

Cammie, the wandering cat came back today and I hurried to distract the cheepers with sunflower seeds so that I could put out cat food for her. When she saw me moving about, she did her usual disappearing act, but then she came back, found her food, licked herself clean then left again.

It's a warm and muggy day. So fitting for August. Breakfast was pokey...


...and then rushed as we glance at the time. How did it get to be so late?!

Both of us have things to do today. None of this lingering for hours nonsense. Ed's off to his techie group meeting, I'm off as well, to visit the cats at my daughter's house (she and her husband are gone for the day and I promised I'd peek in to make sure they haven't destroyed the house, each other, the world).

Well now, the hiding duo - the two cats recently added to the household - are a bit less shy today! After weeks of patient care (and some hissing and pouting on the part of the older cat already here), the shyer one, Virgil, comes out from under the chair...


...only to go under another chair -- one with much better viewing possibilities...


...and then, prompted by a tidbit of a treat, comes out altogether and meows his sweet meow, begging for another.


I think about Cammie and her wilder habitat and, too, about Isis who was himself once wild and now has turned into the cat with the sweetest personality on the planet. The erasure of fear brings out some stellar animal traits! I wonder why we, humans, so often are hell bent on promoting fear. And then are surprised when people hiss and spit on the perceived menace out there.

I spend a while on the porch reading this afternoon. It feels lazy, I know. It is lazy. I'm avoiding looking at my step counter. I take a few flower photos -- not too many. The riot of color is getting that August look of passing abundance.


Yes, still a mega-dose of color...



...but I can tell that it is slowly beginning to recede. In the weeks ahead, individual blooms will become much more important.



There is thunder outside. Maybe it will rain. My plants need rain.

Inside, Ed is making pickles from the multitude of cucumbers growing in our veggie plot.


Why the odd lettering on the pickle containers? They date back to years when Ed would take food stuffs on his sail boat and brave the ocean waters for weeks on end. Ed never throws away things that may become useful someday.

Evening. I make myself a drink I haven't had since last summer: an aperol spritz.


A toast to summer? Yes, okay, that. But also to my older girl who turns 33 today. Happy birthday dear one! And of course -- happy, happy year ahead! Smooth sailing, yes, I wish that for you: calm waters and a joyous ride!