Thursday, January 11, 2018


Such a strange day! It spins around weather events that threaten then recede, threaten than recede once more.

Overnight rain had washed away the last of the snow. When I glance at the thermometer at wake up time, it registers 50F (10C).

(Peach, out for a stroll)

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Breakfast, with daffodils, reminding of what's before us...

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Then all morning long I get the dire messages, warning of a sudden plummet to below freezing. Rain changing to ice, then more ice. Hazardous driving. All morning long I listen to this.

Predictably, schools start to close early. We're used to snow, but ice storms are a menace even for the most seasoned driver. Snowdrop's school is tied to Madison public schools. They hold off closing, but I tell my daughter that it's silly to let her stay for a school nap, only to be interrupted with a sudden closing. And so after her lunch hour, I drive over to pick her up.

(I pass by Lake Monona -- rain has completely washed away the snow cover. It's a perfect surface for skating and I do spot one solo skater, but I have to say, for me, the idea of gliding in the rain over a lake that should be frozen is totally unnerving.)

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At school, I find Snowdrop with only one other little girl and three teachers.

Most of the class is sick. One other child went home early.

We spent the morning disinfecting everything! -- one of her teachers tells me. We've never had this many kids out at the same time.
I'm thinking -- hang in there, Snowdrop!

We head out into the rain.
Is it raining hard, grandma?
It is, little one.

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Really hard?
Pretty hard. Let's get in the car! 

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Fat dollops of rain... but in January?

No sign of ice yet. Relieved, I drive to the farmhouse.

It's not easy these days to settle Snowdrop for a nap.
I have to go shopping first for my babies...

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I have to dress them warmly to go out.
Monkey, you have to rest!

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Eventually the house grows quiet but for the sound of the falling rain. Spring weather, changing to frigid winter weather tomorrow, then back again to a thaw, then a deep freeze... back and forth, back and forth.