Wednesday, March 05, 2008

men ingesting

I walked up State Street to get an afternoon cappuccino and I thought about how people who are preoccupied (obsessed?) with March weather are not all that interesting and I should take note of something other than meteorological nuances of a day.

And I did. I took just a handful of photos and after I came home, I noticed that there was a unifying theme: they were all of men ingesting beverages or food.

Conclusions? None. I think, subliminally, I was still pursuing the weather theme. As in – why would anyone eat ice cream today?

002 copy

On the other hand, this guy, with the Izzy – oh… he was my favorite. He reminded me of (sunny) Italy. They may not have Izzy in Italy, but isn’t Orangina the same? And, isn't he longing to be elsewhere? With someone who cares, deeply?

003 copy

I left my office when it was already dark (no great feat – it still gets dark early). I passed through the student area, noting the sole person there, eating and working. To me, that’s a very sad combination. Each act deserves its space and time. And the empty chair… can’t someone come over and sit for a while?

007 copy

Outside, I felt the snowflakes. I hadn’t bothered with a hat. A shame.