Tuesday, October 31, 2017

chilly day for trick-or-treeters

They say it hasn't been this cold in Madison on Halloween since oh, some twenty years ago -- meaning, before any of today's trick-or-treaters were even born. We're at 34F (just 1C) when the kids set out at dusk. Brrr!

The cold of this day kept me inside all morning.


farmette life-2.jpg

...Followed by long hours of occupied couches: we have two in the farmhouse. Ed sprawled on the longer couch (which is just a tad too short to support his long frame) and I sprawled on the shorter one (which is just a tad too short to support my overage frame) and we both succumbed to a bit of indulgent rest time, losing ourselves in our books and various readings.

Cold as it is right now, I don't believe the farmette ever felt the deep freeze of this past weekend. A few of my annuals are still showing off their colors. You wouldn't see that after a hard frost.

farmette life-3.jpg

And still, it is chilly.

When I pick up Snowdrop, she runs to the door to get going on our adventure. I call her back for her jacket. She tells me -- grandma, it's hot outside!
No way, Snowdrop. No way.

farmette life-6.jpg

She is, however, insanely proud of her hair bow and so she remains hatless. Perhaps for this reason, she is willing to call it quits after just a handful of minutes on the playground.

farmette life-24.jpg

(At the farmhouse, stealing a cookie...)

farmette life-32.jpg

At some point, she tells me that her bow is clipped in the wrong place. Here, on top of head, grandma! 

farmette life-37.jpg

Her parents come, ready to take her out for trick-or-treating...

farmette life-43.jpg

I ask later on if it went well.
Of course it did! Two years old, but happy to run up to a home and ask for candy!

With several sweaters filling her cookie monster suit, I don't think she ever noticed that it was barely above freezing!

farmette life-40.jpg