Monday, February 13, 2012

snow showers

You got it, it’s Monday and I’m dead – at the very least tired and not a little unhappy that I cannot watch little doggies march across the big TV screen. (I was hoping for dinner of leftover chili in front of the Westminster Dog Show – that was before I realized that those who don’t pay for cable can’t watch poochies – not in the same way, with commentary – as those who pay.)

Oh well. The better to eat quickly...


...and get back to work.

Earlier, out my office window, I watch daylight disappear. Snow-showers are dusting Bascom Hill with a thin white layer of wet stuff.

Snow showers. It’s a term you hear often this winter. Snow showers: cold enough to make you suffer, but not abundant enough to make you smile in wonderment.


Here’s to a sweeter, gentler tomorrow!