Friday, October 05, 2012


A checkered night of mismatched sleeping habits (between Ed and myself, between Isis the cat and Ed and Isis and myself -- you name it, it didn't match up). When finally Isis leaves for his morning stroll, I look up and notice that I am about to miss my sunrise yoga class.

So I rush. Which, perhaps, is the wrong attitude for yoga. And I tense when the instructor gets off to a late start. And, of course, she ends late. So all those minutes at yoga letting go of my tension results in it galloping right back at me.

And then I am late for one meeting, on time for the next, on time for four others (you got it: four others) and then I am spent from being so tense all day long. And I have the bulk of my work for the day before me.

Moreover, it is cold enough in the morning that I abandon Rosie and go straight for the donkey car. Which is never a good sign.

In the evening, Ed and I struggle with frequent flier miles and flights and get absolutely nowhere.

And so I offer you a photo that I quickly snapped before being late this morning and really, I apologize, but this is the best I can do.

DSC00381 - Version 2

But, the house is warm, the leftover soup is good and I stock up on milk chocolate covered raisins and pistachio nuts from Trader Joe's. Sinful, especially as I listen to various yoga people talk about fall time cleansing diets (so not me), but let me tell you -- an evening is always made better by milk chocolate covered raisins and Trader Joe's pistachio nuts. I speak from the heart.