Thursday, January 22, 2009


In Tobago, the public cemetery had small tombstones with dates of the birth and death marked as a time of sunrise and sunset. I passed this cemetery daily and over time, I became very familiar with the engraved sunrises and sunsets.

People who vacation on the islands love sunsets. I saw a couple standing on their balcony, camera in hand, photographing every inch of the descent of the sinking sun.

I think sunrises are so much prettier. More gentle. Especially on a misty winter morning.

Thursdays are especially full days for me and so I am up very early, early enough to watch the dark night turn into misty pink sunrise.

005 copy

003 copy

The day is warm, considering. Almost reaches freezing. So after my morning class, I take a walk to the lake. Supremely lovely. Misty lovely.

008 copy

I ask the ice fishermen about the day’s catch. Not nearly as lucky as the Tobago fishermen. Still there for you! They tell me. Nothing wrong with hamburgers for dinner!

016 copy

Later, the busride home is just a little past the sunset hour. As I leave the bus and walk the few steps to the condo, I think – nice, this is nice.

019 copy

But sunrise is better.