Wednesday, February 02, 2011

the silence after the storm

It is one quiet world out there. As if the Super Bowl came to Wisconsin a few days ahead of schedule and even the bus drivers stayed home to watch.

Early, at daybreak, the storm had weakened, or at least moved on. It left behind a white and silent world. From my rooftop, the normally busy University Avenue looks car-less, deserted.


In the afternoon, I take a walk. I mean it to be short – the wind is biting, the temperatures are low. But I get caught up in this wonderfully pristine world of the day after. Plowed, yes, by now its plowed. But white nonetheless.


The distribution of snow is uneven. In some places it is modestly deep. In others it is immodestly deep.


I come across a team, busily digging up a sidewalk. Looking for something ? – I ask. The fire hydrant, they tell me.

Ah, red. You can’t see red if it’s buried in snow.

You can, however, spot it if it’s on a branch. Even partly hidden in bramble, it stands out in this still and powder white world.