Saturday, July 30, 2011


A friend said – don’t go downtown if you want apricots. The restaurants will have snapped them up. Come back to the West Side Community Farmers Market.

And so we did. It was like visiting old friends.

DSC08583 - Version 2

But there weren't any apricots. "Linda" there told us – come earlier next week. Much earlier.

DSC08584 - Version 2

So we continue today:  on to the downtown market. Not to buy necessarily. We’d done that, at the Westside market.


But there are vendor friends to see downtown...


... foods, too, to admire.

DSC08594 - Version 2

...and  daughters love the downtown market, and I have both of them in Madison on this day.

DSC08595 - Version 2

In the late afternoon. I unpack the new ice cream maker and we make strawberry Greek yogurt ice-cream.


Summer continues.