Friday, March 27, 2009

next day

You know how cool it is to wake up to a new day? I do. Winter grime, wiped away. Just like that. Oh, oops, hi there! Fancy seeing you like this!


It is a brisk day. Too brisk. I have no reason to go out and so I don’t. All that I need for a good day is at home. But Ed nudges me. Hard. I’ll buy you a latte!

That works. And indeed, I now note that, in spite of the chill, it is a bright day.


We pause for my latte – I linger over it, Ed dozes.


It’s almost evening. But we have our Wal-Mart rackets in Ed's car. We go to the tennis court and we volley balls back and forth until the shadows are long. My arm hurts from the effort. But we’re getting better. Things are getting better.