Saturday, January 31, 2009

the rare one

What would it be like? The perfect winter day in Wisconsin: solid snow cover (no dirt patches in sight). The sun would be out, full blast. The temperature – a little above freezing. Not enough to create slush, but enough to keep you, well, warm.

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It cannot be a work day. You don’t notice much when you spend so many daylight hours indoors. Oh, and you cannot have a dental appointment. You’re basically free. How often does this happen?

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Some years – never.

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This year – oh, without doubt – today.

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It brought out the child in Ed (admittedly, not too buried to begin with),

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…and the sun loving side of me…

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But mainly it brought out an appreciation for that speck of beauty that lays buried in the winter months of the northern Midwest.

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We were not the only ones at Indian Lake Park. An Italian family of sledders…

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…a celestial slope of angels…

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…there to throw out the arms and say – what a beautiful day!

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