Wednesday, September 08, 2010

not until the fat lady sings

The saga of the car purchase continues even as today provides an intermission of sorts. The thread, like it or not, will be picked up again tomorrow.

Slowly, I have recalibrated my days, readjusted my sensors and I am very close to settling into that gentle sway of the academic calendar. It’s always the same. A Sunday evening preparation, picking up the pace on Monday, forging full speed ahead on Tuesday, panting for breath on Wednesday (that would be today!) and getting ready to collapse and exhale by Thursday evening. Friday has the burden of the administrative load that was sorely neglected on the other days.

I sleep better knowing that there is a pattern to all this.

I don’t worry about it being so clearly Fall. In May I may think -- God, it’s so cool not to be just heading into the dismal months, but now I am in a calendar sway as well. Heading is good. Standing still is tiresome.

Maybe I’m tired of photographing flowers.

Even as, in the blue skied days, you don’t need flowers to fill your fantasy world with brightness. (These shots are from my walk home, past the usual University Avenue stuff, and finally -- past the construction of the mega Target store, taking place just outside my condo building.)




More likely I’m responding well to the change of pace. Drifting with the wind feels right. Especially if it’s a gentle wind. None of the strong stuff of yesterday. I like gentle.