Thursday, September 05, 2013

a break

Take a break. Go ahead and take one, be it from work, from cooking, from sitting home every evening -- oh, ooops! those exactly describe me! -- a break, so that you can view life differently for a split second, so that you can see how the other side lives, plays, laughs.

After an enormously long period of time out on the porch (from breakfast...

DSC00371 - Version 2 hours of reading, to lunch, to more hours of reading), I slammed the books shut and went out to help Ed tear up the raspberry beds. One hour of ripping weeds, buried plastic, spent canes. Of course, one hour accomplished less than 1% of our goal for the season (to replant the entire bed), but I cannot think those kinds of thoughts. Too dispirited for my liking.

DSC00380 - Version 2

And then...  then! What an extravagance! I climb aboard Ed's incredibly worked over 1980 Honda motorbike, right behind him, like I used to do so often when I lived in the city and we'd go out together, God knows where, probably to the country -- I climbed on and off we go to our not too distant multiplex for a 5p.m. showing of Blue Jasmine. 

And no, that's not all! Returning home, we stop at the Great Dane Brewery and Pub for a supper at the counter. In the way we love  -- with scraps of reading material in hand and the occasional comment on the quality of the salad or the paragraph we may be reading, or life itself.

DSC00383 - Version 2