Wednesday, November 20, 2013

so quickly

It was, not so long ago, the beginning of the semester. And now it's November 20th  I am just two weeks away from end of classes! If you're busy, the days are like on speed. Does it change when you retire?

I've always thought November was sort of a downer. Bleak. No color, no snow, no hope of change for the better anytime soon.

But it's been beautiful this year! Or, is it that there is hope of change at the end of it? So that it's like March, only the pot of gold isn't spring, it's free time?

At seven in the morning, Ed and I were buried in laptops. Night emails had popped up for me, the NYTimes spurted new stories for him. The sun was delivering that radiant glow at the horizon...


... I thought --  such a day of promise!

And there was promise alright -- of work. Immediately after breakfast.

DSC01882 - Version 2

Ed hung around in the background and occasionally read clips about bargains at local bowling alleys: You can bowl for pennies if you go before noon!
Quit it! You're such a distraction!
He continued, knowing that I both want him to stop and want him to go on.
Isis curled up on the couch, liking the gentle pace of the morning.

DSC01883 - Version 2

Such a peaceful scene it is. What you can't see is my nervous glances at the clock. Or my quick step to get to school in time for office hours. And the total concentration that I muster up prior to start of class.

And then it's all over and done with and I'm heading home.

A thrown together dinner of quick-sauteed shrimp and brussel sprouts.

DSC01888 - Version 2

Followed by a game of volley ball for Ed, a more quiet time for Isis and me.

Two more weeks of classroom teaching, and 50 days until my official retirement. At this point, it is so close, that I'm not really counting anymore.