Saturday, January 17, 2015

family, redux

Up early. Caught the sunset from behind a few clouds...

little S-2.jpg

Set the cheepers free. Not today, Scotch. No time for lingering, you bird of few feathers! I have family waiting...

little S-8.jpg

After breakfast (in the front room, not too far from the new crib)...

little S-15.jpg

... I zip over to my daughter's place. My younger girl and her husband are in town! Today, it's all about little Snowdrop again and so you will have the flood, here on Ocean, of family photos. It has to be. My day is filled with the presence of daughters and my granddaughter and so I keep my camera at my side, because my eye is so focused (it always has been so focused) on encapsulating life's most heart warming moments in this way. Here's a Crystal Gayle song for the occasion -- from the collection of music from my daughters' childhood:

And here's little Snowdrop, dressed in her most special cow play suit. With a pink ribbon for accent! I'm ready to change her diaper, but I have to share the downstairs pad with Goldie who thinks the changing pad was purchased with her in mind. Goldie spends the better part of the day in it.

little S-17.jpg

And now my little girl is here -- the other little girl, the one who up until January 5 was the baby -- and little Snowdrop is in her arms, and the uncle's arms, and her arms, and so it continues.

little S-33.jpg

So many hands to caress that very young life!

little S-40.jpg

little S-38.jpg

So many dances to dance, songs to sing...

little S-44.jpg

The young couple must continue onwards and southwards, but they'll be back for another round on Monday for an extra special celebration. For now, I am with the new mom and her Snowdrop (dad is working)...

little S-7-2.jpg

We play music that my daughter has pulled together from her long ago little girl memories. We sing. We dance. We smile quite a bit.

little S-1.jpg

The afternoon fades. I return to the farmhouse feeling so privileged! Ed asks me -- so how was little Snowdrop? I search for the phrase that will describe the day. I tell him with the widest smile -- my younger girl told me I smell like a baby.

little S-2-3.jpg

I cook chili for supper and think back to those moments of big and little girls around me all day today.