Saturday, September 13, 2014

over the ocean

As my small world of farmette rituals takes me from Thursday, to Friday, to Saturday and so on and so on, I keep an eye on the troubles brewing elsewhere:  in the country of my last European travels. I notice with some interest that today's New York Times talks of the terribly divisive vote on Scotland's independence (the vote coming up, this Thursday!) from the perspective of those living on the isle of Islay, and then, too, in another article, from the perspective of those living and doing business in Berwick Upon Tweed -- my two summer destinations. Is it that I pick representative spots to settle into when I'm in Europe?

And speaking of Europe, I am pleased as anything that I gave up this year on using Air France in crossing the ocean. That airline wont let me book a bulkhead seat and so I switched to Delta -- which does allow it. Well now, as I prepare for my departure on Monday, I see that Air France is about to go on strike this week. I am breathing a sigh of relief. (I do have an intra-Europe Air France connection, but once in Europe, it's quite easy to figure out how to get from point A to B, should your flight be called off.)

One more comment on things across the ocean -- they are having a pleasantly warm spell on the continent. I'll welcome that, especially since our own temps dropped down to a ridiculous 38 degrees overnight (that would be 3 C). When I woke up to free the cheepers, I felt it!

(old barn, morning moonlight)


Breakfast is inside alright and we move it to our favorite winter venue -- the sun room to the east.


There is, in fact, plenty of sunshine and so I have no complaints in my weekly walk to the market with my now visibly pregnant daughter.

(visibly pregnant)

(though a puffy vest hides things still.)

At the farmette, the mosquitoes have almost disappeared and Ed is working on replacing some rotten boards just at the level of the roof...


...and I am enjoying a somewhat more backseat view of the garden -- from our kitchen window. (Were I to be outside more, I'd see that there definitely are some strong-willed, long-lived flowers still holding their own.)

(with morning dew)



In the late afternoon, I take Rosie (my moped) out for a spin. The old girl has a "use it or lose it" attitude and she needs the occasional run around. True, it is a cold ride. I never remember to dress well for a motorcycle ride when it gets this cool. But the world around us is so beautiful! Let me again assure you how much I love where I live!


We eat chili tonight. Of course we do. We have another cold night before us. You have to warm your soul from the inside. It's the only way.

(Isie, in his winter position)