Monday, September 17, 2018

Paris in sunshine

I always think of Paris as having gentle weather. Most of the time it's not too hot (though I have suffered through heat waves) and the winters aren't brutal (that monstrous snowstorm in December 2011 stands out as an exception). Rain comes and goes, rarely ruining a day. Most of the time, from a visitor's perspective, the weather stays to the side of your day. You hardly notice it.

But today surely it takes center stage: brilliant, sunny, warm. You look outside and say -- wow!


It should not surprise you then that I want to stay outdoors, even if in a city, "the outdoors" feels very different than, say, the farmette outdoors.

I'm going to push the post of this day, photos included, into tomorrow. I wont be walking the streets of Paris then, I'll be crossing the Atlantic. It's a better time and place to write a fuller Ocean post. In the meanwhile, I'll leave you with just one picture, to show you that it really was a beautiful day!