Friday, April 13, 2012


Tonight I received a letter from the hotel in Gargnano. Valerio, the proprietor, wrote in the most delightful way, in Italian, thanking me for a review I’d put up on Tripadvisor (I am a senior reviewer there – every once in a while I come across a place that deserves words of support and so I'll write them). 

His email came at a good time. My notes here yesterday notwithstanding, it was a very busy end of week. And after all work details were attended to, I had to check in with a doc and after that proved to be a good and unproblematic visit, I exhaled.

But how?

Well, what with the Italian reminder of blissful times spent letting go of the day at sidewalk cafes where Aperol spritz blazed orange on most anyone’s table, I thought I may as well do it: buy that bottle of Aperol and make my own spritz here. In celebration of a day well spent. Or at least spent.

True, it wasn’t at a port-side table, no indeed, but I poured the drink on my Limone table...

DSC01034 - Version 2

...and then I carried it over to where Ed was hauling wood chips.

Nothing about the scene shouted Gargnano. Resting on a cool and dreary evening, in my old jacket, in fact, in my ex’s old jacket, against the backdrop of the old Ford pickup...


... I thought – no, not Gargnano. But home. And I have to say, an Aperol spriz tasted lovely here, at the farmette.



  1. And the farmette looks lovely, too, with all its spring flowers blooming! Great photo of you with glass in hand and Ford pickup behind you.

  2. It's times like these that I wish I wasn't a Tee-Totaller. I gave up alcohol in 1982 (on my birthday that year which will be 30 years in a couple of weeks! wow) so after going all that time without alcohol, I daren't ever go into a package store again, but oh my, that drink looks yummy! Maybe when I'm a little closer to my end-of-life I will splurge and have one of those, and think back on the time "we" spent there by the lake in Gargnano.

    And your lilacs are fab! My neighbor has two huge lilac trees that abut our driveway so it's almost like having them ourselves. But I just can't bring myself to cut off a few for my table...since they aren't mine.

  3. I love the lilac and daffodil picture. I am so excited to have spring in Wisconsin again!

  4. Beautiful...the flowers, the spritz, and especially you...looking happy and relaxed at home. Glad you had good dr news too.


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