Saturday, August 13, 2016

midday update

Three small points:

1.WiFi at the Borders has been rather poor -- sometimes nonexistent. That means that in the morning, I'm not able to see what I just posted (photos wont load). I can't correct errors until later, if and when the Internet grows stronger. Apologies. I corrected some spacing/photo issues from this morning. Perhaps you wouldn't have noticed, but I sure did!

2.Tomorrow I leave. I wont mess with posting in the morning  (unless WiFi is brilliant then) because I have buses/trains and planes to catch. I'll post later in the day.

3. For this same reason, I haven't been able to respond to comments as I never have access to the computer in my room. I read them, miss reacting instantly and love you all for taking the time to put something down despite my silence. Thank you!

Okay, back to this rather different day today -- more on that... tomorrow!


  1. Thank you for sharing your travels. As always your words and photos are inspiring and allow me to travel vicariously with you. I haven’t been to the Edinburgh and Northumberland area since the ‘90s but it still looks just as beautiful. That lovely rolling land has many moods ranging from subtle muted colors under overcast skies to glorious sun-dappled vistas brought to life by the interplay of light and shadow. Your photos capture it all. But you go beyond beautiful pictures to show us the small details of everyday life. You give us a living, breathing, Scotland. For all of this I am grateful.

  2. Thank you, Nina for every journey that I go on with you, whether it is in your beautiful Madison home gardens or some beautiful place somewhere else in the world. Through you I have seen the wonders of places I will never visit in person but through you I have been there. Thank you again and look forward to where "we will be going next" I will be in Paris for the whole month of September. Will you be there by any chance?


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